Welkom in de wereld van TOPdesk
  • These software developers build the next Dutch TOPdesk office in Tilburg.

Anna Afoichini 07 December 2017

These software developers build the next Dutch TOPdesk office in Tilburg.

Software Development team Lynx - van Delft naar Tilburg

In September, TOPdesk opened a new office in Tilburg. I'm Anna, HR-advisor for the Development department, and visited our colleagues who took on this challenge to ask them about how they’ve experienced the move so far. 

What  makes working at TOPdesk Tilburg so special?

The most special part was actually setting up the office itself. Together with all our colleagues who live in Brabant, we handed in a proposal to set up an office in the south of the Netherlands. We were starting to get tired of commuting to Delft, so we figured we had two options: apply for a new job closer to home, or bring our current job closer to home. Taking initiative is always encouraged at TOPdesk, so the organization was immediately enthusiastic about the idea. After we had worked out the plans, we were given the green light. Now we have a TOPdesk office in Tilburg.

What’s more, we have all the fun elements of a small company: we picked our own office space and the furniture, and we all work together in a light open-plan space. As we’re part of TOPdesk Nederland, we can also take advantage of having lots of colleagues in Delft with knowledge and experience, and we often visit them (and vice versa).

Are you working on a specific project in Tilburg?

First and foremost, we work on the TOPdesk product. Just like the other teams at our other branches, we are responsible for a part of the software. We keep each other on our toes to deliver comprehensible code that has been well-tested. Thanks to pair coding and code reviews, we make sure that every bit of code is checked by at least two pairs of eyes. This way we make sure that someone else always knows what’s happened. Where possible, we write unit and integration tests to get maximum results.

We like getting into discussions about the decisions we made. Why is the code written like this? Why do we use this library? Can’t we do it easier? Shouldn’t we keep the future in mind? This helps us make conscious decisions at all times.

Is your office finished now?

In addition to the software we make, we’re also working hard on developing our own office. Everyone has the freedom to contribute ideas and execute them. We execute these ideas together. Not only with developers, but also consultants who live in the neighbourhood and like coming to Tilburg. The office gets a bit nicer each week.

In Tilburg we currently have a scrum team which also includes developers in Delft. This means we have to work well together. At the office, with colleagues in Delft, but also with other international branches.

How is the collaboration going with other branches?

We live in the 21st century. There are lots of opportunities to keep each other up to date: from sitting at someone’s desk to chat messages and videoconferences. And we use many of them. Chatting and video calls are part of our daily life. We were already used to communicating like this with the development departments in Kaiserslautern and Budapest.

Thankfully, the distance between Tilburg and Delft isn’t so large that we never see our colleagues. Every week we spend a day together as a scrum team: one week at one office, the other week at the other office. That’s how we get to know each other, but also keep in touch with the other departments.

Informal communication is just as important. The TOPdesk culture of lunching together and inspiring conversations at the coffee machine is the same at all our offices. There’s always someone who’s in for a chat, whether it’s about the latest technologies or about the weekend. This is how we make our office in Tilburg a great place to work.

Do you like to be part of this adventure?

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